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Why Republicans actually like Maxine Waters

Of Rep. Maxine Waters, Oklahoma Republican Frank Lucas says: “It is possible to negotiate with her and she’ll keep her word. That’s an important thing in Congress.” | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on [...]

Fox News’ Shep Smith blasts Trump’s North Korea summit: “Kim Jung-un got it all, for actually doing nothing”

Fox News’ Shep Smith blasted Donald Trump today for a North Korea summit that, Smith says, didn’t actually accomplish anything. “Kim Jung-un got it all,” Smith told his viewers on Fox, “for actually doing nothing.” Smith then went [...]
Roseanne Might Actually Be One Of Those Deplorable Trump Voters Rather Than Imaginary Just Worried About Jobs Trump Voters
Those were the days. ABC’s strategy of giving primetime TV shows to racist transphobic conspiracy theorists seems to have hit a snag. Late Monday night, Roseanne Barr decided to one-up Trump’s awful self-congratulatory Memorial Day tweet [...]
Most North Koreans Can’t Actually Watch the Olympic Games
In 2002, when the two Koreas were in a reconciliatory mood, North Korea even broadcast the World Cup matches in the South. In 2014, it broadcast daily highlights from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, although none of its athletes [...]
Chris Wray Says ACTUALLY Sarah Huckabee Sanders And John Kelly Are Total Fucking Liars Who Lie
Wray is all “ACTUALLY” … On Monday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened her mouth and said once the White House learned “the extent” of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s constant wife-beating last Tuesday night, it was handled [...]
Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Actually Tinier Than His Sad Little Peener
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a hand sneaking into everyone’s pocket…forever Donald Trump today unveiled his amazing fabulous infrastructure plan, a microscopic $ 200 billion federal investment over 10 years. It’s a piddling [...]
Judge Rules Feds Actually DID Do Tyranny To Bundy Clan, Sets Em All Free With Bundy-Style Prejudice
Brain Broken but Unbowed Virtually all the major figures in the 2014 armed standoff between federal agents and supporters of welfare rancher Cliven Bundy have now escaped any punishment. US District Court Judge Gloria Navarro today dismissed [...]
The Wall That Trump Actually Built
On a cold, gray, misty day in Pepin County, Wisconsin, on the state’s rural western edge, inside a snug, 19th-century cabin at Black Cat Farmstead, Andrea Myklebust fed a wood stove with a cluster of twigs and crinkled-up newspaper and [...]
What Congress actually did in 2017
April 4, 2017, wasn’t an especially notable day for news. But it was a big day for America’s meteorologists. That Tuesday afternoon, the House of Representatives quietly passed [...]
White Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Actually Catches 20 Years In Prison, So Everything’s Good Now
Walter Scott, 1965-2015 Michael Slager, the former North Charleston, South Carolina, cop who in 2015 shot Walter Scott to death as Scott was running slowly away from him, was actually sentenced to 20 years in prison by a federal court yesterday. [...]