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Sean Hannity Swallows Obama’s Fake Sperm Then Spits It Back Up: A Play In Three Very Stupid Acts

If all you see when you look at this portrait is sperm, somethin’s wrong with you, oh boy! If you ever wanted to see what gets Sean Hannity’s jizzes flowing, and more specifically the process by which that happens, you need to start with [...]

Maybe he just acts like a racist

OK, the President of the United States doesn’t think he is a racist. But, apparently, he does forcefully believe in favoring white-majority countries of origin for immigrants over black- or brown-majority countries, however vulgar his [...]

Donald Trump Fucks Himself Live On Twitter: A Play In Three Acts

3 months ago | 0 comment
Yesterday was HOOBOY! Felt like we had our fingers in the socket all damn day long. So we almost missed this delightful little legal drama that unfolded on Twitter last night when we were trying to get our blood pressure back under control. [...]

Radical ACLU Acts Like Undocumented Little Girl Still Human, Is That Even Allowed?

4 months ago | 0 comment
Clearly a threat to national security Good news in the case of Rosa Maria Hernandez, the 10-year-old girl from Laredo, Texas, who was grabbed by the Border Patrol last week as soon as she was released from a Corpus Christi hospital following [...]

Can Animals Predict Earthquakes? Italian Farm Acts as a Lab to Find Out

8 months ago | 0 comment
During a snowy, cold winter that killed many of their livestock, “we were abandoned by the government,” said her husband, Florindo Angeli. But the data gathered from their farm and the animals that survived may prove critical and [...]

Donald Trump acts as his own anonymous source in meeting with network anchors

12 months ago | 0 comment
Less than a month after complaining that reporters “make up stories and make up sources,” President Donald Trump is now depending on favorable coverage that use an anonymous source — namely, himself. I thought Trump didn’t like [...]

WATCH: Khrushchev’s granddaughter: “Trump acts as if he doesn’t represent America and that’s what undermines American democracy”

1 year ago | 0 comment
Nina Khrushcheva is no stranger to controversial political leaders. The granddaughter of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, who famously oversaw the Soviet Union’s role in the Cuban missile crisis standoff with the U.S., she [...]