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House Democrats urge sweeping reforms to boost voting access

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Democrats are unveiling a comprehensive elections and ethics reform package that targets what they call a “culture of corruption in Washington” and aims to reduce the role of money in politics. The bill, among [...]

Voting access takes center stage in Georgia runoff

ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia’s voters have one more chance to make their voices heard about the state’s election infrastructure. Tuesday’s runoff election for Georgia secretary of state pits Republican state Rep. Brad Raffensperger against [...]

White House, in fight with CNN, argues Trump has ‘broad discretion’ to police journalists’ access

Ludovic Marin/AFP/Getty Images White House The White House said in response to a lawsuit by CNN that correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass was revoked because of conduct that ‘disrupts press events.’ By MATTHEW CHOI 11/14/2018 [...]
North Korea Issues Rare Apology Over Media Access to K-Pop Show
He is widely believed in the South to have masterminded the sinking of a South Korean Navy ship in 2010, when he served as director of the North’s main spy agency. South Korea says a North Korean torpedo attack sank the ship, killing [...]
Kushner loses access to top-secret intelligence
Presidential son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner has had his security clearance downgraded — a move that will prevent him from viewing many of the sensitive documents to which he once had unfettered access. Kushner is not alone. All White [...]
Corruption you missed this week: The justice department’s office for access downsizes
The week started with the State of the Union Address and ended with the GOP-Nunes memo, which was enough excitement to keep everyone busy. In chaotic times, it’s easy to miss other stories about the unjust pursuits and other forms of corruption [...]
Judges Ruling Teen Refugees May Access Abortion Care? LA LA LA JEFF SESSIONS CAIN’T HEAR YOU AGAIN!
There’s aggressive lawyering, and there’s being an asshole. When it comes to pregnant girls in ICE custody, the Jeff Sessions Justice Department is being a royal asshole. We’re now in the second round of litigation to establish the right [...]
Court, for now, blocks immigrant teen’s access to abortion
WASHINGTON (AP) – An appeals court is blocking, for now, an abortion sought by a pregnant 17-year-old immigrant being held in a Texas facility, ruling that the government should have time to try to release her so she can obtain the abortion [...]
The Latest: DC appeals court blocks teen’s abortion access
WASHINGTON (AP) – The Latest on the ruling of a federal appeals court in Washington on the ability of a pregnant 17-year-old being held in a Texas facility for unaccompanied immigrant children to obtain an abortion: ____ 5:15 p.m. A Washington [...]
Paul Manafort offered Kremlin-linked oligarch access to Trump campaign
Paul Manafort, the second of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign managers, is in serious legal jeopardy. The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that during his five-month control of the Trump campaign, Manafort offered a Kremlin-linked [...]