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Afghanistan Moves to Arrest Soccer Chief on Sexual Abuse Charges

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan officials issued an arrest warrant on Sunday for the powerful head of the nation’s soccer federation, Keramuddin Keram, on criminal charges accusing him of sexually abusing female soccer players, a day [...]

Prince Charles Misused Influence to Shield Cleric, Abuse Inquiry Reports

LONDON — Prince Charles misused his influence to shield Peter Ball, a former Anglican bishop and old friend, from punishment after the cleric had admitted sexually abusing a young novice, an independent inquiry found this week. In [...]

Pope Issues First Rules for Catholic Church Worldwide to Report Sex Abuse

ROME — Pope Francis on Thursday issued the first law obligating officials in the Roman Catholic Church worldwide to report cases of clergy sexual abuse — and attempts to cover it up — to their superiors. The decree was Francis’ [...]

At Egypt’s Tourism Gems, Animal Abuse Is an Ugly Flaw

CAIRO — A trip to the storied pyramids of Giza was supposed to be a highlight of Noémi Haszon’s Egyptian vacation. But minutes later, the Hungarian tourist had retreated into her tour bus, shaken and revolted by what she had witnessed. Inside [...]

With Letter on Sexual Abuse, Pope Benedict Returns to Public Eye

ROME — In his retirement, Pope Benedict XVI is apparently tired of hiding. The former pontiff, who declared he would “remain hidden to the world” when he became the first pope in six centuries to abdicate in 2013, has released [...]

Pope Rejects Resignation of French Cardinal Convicted of Abuse Cover-Up

ROME — Pope Francis has rejected the resignation of a French cardinal, the Vatican announced on Tuesday, despite the cardinal’s conviction this month for covering up decades-old allegations of sexual abuse by a priest in his diocese. A [...]

Cardinal George Pell Is Jailed to Await Sentencing on Sexual Abuse Conviction

MELBOURNE, Australia — Cardinal George Pell, the highest ranking Catholic clergyman convicted of sexually abusing children, left a courtroom in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday flanked by police officers to spend his first night [...]

Cardinal George Pell Sex Abuse Conviction Unsealed in Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia — Cardinal George Pell, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic leader ever convicted of sexual abuse, will not face a second trial on an additional round of assault allegations involving young boys. The earlier verdict [...]

Pope Francis Calls for ‘All-Out Battle’ to Fight Scourge of Sexual Abuse

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis ended a landmark Vatican meeting on clerical sexual abuse with an appeal “for an all-out battle against the abuse of minors,” which he compared to human sacrifice, but he did not offer concrete policy [...]

In the Catholic Church’s Homeland, Clerical Abuse Is Barely a Scandal

SAVONA, Italy — On camping trips, Francesco Zanardi and other boys from his local parish always dreaded being called to sleep in their priest’s tent. “We all knew what would happen to the boy in the tent,” said Mr. Zanardi, [...]