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Saudi woman fleeing alleged abuse expected in Canada

TORONTO (AP) – An 18-year-old Saudi runaway who said she was abused and feared death if deported back home was expected to arrive Saturday in Canada, which has granted her asylum. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would [...]

Survivors of domestic violence, child abuse could be hit next by shutdown

The Justice Department has been warning the state agencies and nonprofits that run them that it will only be able to process funding requests until Jan. 18. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Survivors [...]

C.I.A.’s Afghan Forces Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger

When Times journalists arrived the day after the raid, the bed was broken, the mud roof under the bed patched with blood, just steps from dried tomatoes sunning on a tarp. One of Mr. Taher’s grandsons, Sekandar, 16, was visiting from [...]

Synagogue massacre, clergy abuse top Pennsylvania stories

An anti-Semite with a cache of weapons visits terror upon a Pittsburgh synagogue. Grand jurors savage the Catholic Church, rekindling a global crisis over clergy abuse. In the first big celebrity trial of the #MeToo era, Bill Cosby is convicted [...]

Pope Expels Two Cardinals Implicated in Sex Abuse From His Council

ROME — The Vatican announced Wednesday that it had removed two cardinals implicated in sexual abuse cases from a powerful council of advisers picked by Pope Francis to guide him on matters critical to the future of the Catholic Church. One [...]

Afghan president orders probe into abuse of female athletes

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the attorney general’s office to conduct an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of female athletes. Tuesday’s statement from the presidential palace quotes [...]

‘It’s Time to Try to Change the Men’: Papua New Guinea’s Epidemic of Abuse

GOROKA, Papua New Guinea — Claiming that the rice she had cooked for dinner was too hot, Ambai’s husband suddenly punched her in the temple and dragged her out of the house by her hair. Another beating began, watched silently by [...]

On domestic and migrant worker abuse, and modern slavery

OP: Domestic and migrant worker abuse is a huge problem across the world. "[M]any domestic workers are still excluded from provisions that other workers take for granted with respect to essential working conditions, such as paid annual [...]

‘We Say Sorry’: Australia Formally Apologizes to Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia sought to atone for a decades-long epidemic of child sexual abuse on Monday, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued an official apology that acknowledged the government’s systemic failures to protect [...]

Vietnam jails activist for using Facebook to abuse freedoms

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) – A court in northern Vietnam has sentenced an activist to five years in prison after finding him guilty of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the government, organizations and individuals. Lawyer [...]