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GOP candidates pressure Donald Trump to abandon pay freeze for federal workers

President Trump signaled Monday that he’s still reconsidering his announcement to freeze pay for more than 2 million federal civilian workers, after hearing objections from Republican candidates in Virginia, a state with a large population [...]

‘We Won’t Abandon Them’: Search for Boys in Cave Rivets Thailand

[unable to retrieve full-text content] A dozen boys and their soccer coach, trapped in a flooded cave complex since Saturday, are the focus of a huge rescue operation and the hopes of a watching country. Source: NYT > World
Republicans abandon tax cut message in Pa. special election
Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone’s campaign and GOP allies started out with 2/3rds of their ads focused on the party’s tax plan. Now, only two [...]
61 percent of Donald Trump’s supporters unlikely to abandon him: Poll
A recent Monmouth University poll shows that President Trump’s supporters are holding strong with him. Sixty-one percent of those who approve of Mr. Trump’s performance in office say they cannot see the president doing anything that would [...]

Angry Left Ready to Abandon Neoliberal Democrats and Take Over the Fort.

Clinton Democrats Pretending Pitchforks and Torches are Decorative Props. The End of Progressive Neoliberalism The election of Donald Trump represents one of a series of dramatic political uprisings that together signal a collapse of neoliberal [...]

Senators Reassure Wary Baltic Nations That U.S. Won’t Abandon NATO

Among stops on the senators’ itinerary are the two other Baltic states, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Ukraine and Georgia, two former Soviet republics that are not members of NATO. About 5,000 American troops have rotated through [...]

Donald Trump Will Totally Abandon His Business Empire, Ayup You Betcha, Sounds Legit To Us!

Not one bit. Another day, another announcement from Dear Leader on the Twitter. (We know, we told you to unfollow him, but we also said when something of significance happens on his Twitter, you’d hear about it. LOOK AT YOU HEARING ABOUT [...]