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Minnesota young voters saw turnout surge in 2018

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota saw young voters between ages 18 and 29 nearly double their election participation last fall, but there’s still room for the bloc of voters to grow. Almost 40 percent of eligible voters ages 18 to 29 [...]

U.S. trade deficit rose to 10-year high in 2018, government reports

The U.S. trade deficit grew to $ 621 billion last year, its highest level since 2008, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. While President Trump has made reducing trade deficits a key part of his agenda, the trade gap in goods rose [...]

Amid Afghan Peace Talks, U.N. Reports Record Civilian Deaths in 2018

KABUL, Afghanistan — Even with peace talks underway, the war in Afghanistan killed almost 4,000 civilians last year, including a record number of children, officials said Sunday, making it the single deadliest year for Afghan civilians [...]

The Interpreter: After a Rocky 2018, Populism Is Down but Far From Out in the West

LONDON — President Trump’s push for a border wall hints at a problem that populist leaders are facing across the Western world. After a year of setbacks, populist leaders and parties are trying to rejuvenate their fortunes by revitalizing [...]

Big moments from President Trump’s 2018

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2018 in South Carolina: Tragedy, floods, more nuclear money

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – The year ends in South Carolina with hundreds of people rebuilding homes flooded for the second time in three years and hundreds of thousands of people still paying for nuclear reactors that never generated power. It [...]

Interactions between White House and press that defined 2018

poster=”http://v.politico.com/images/1155968404/201812/1200/1155968404_5984193485001_5984184136001-vs.jpg?pubId=1155968404″ true Media By MARY NEWMAN 12/28/2018 03:53 PM EST Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]

The 2018 ‘Best of’ Issue

When historians look back at the year that was 2018, it’s probably going to be remembered for the bearish turn of events that began in early October. The sharp selling started then, and it continued through the night before Christmas. Today, [...]

Legal pot, gas explosions, shark attacks topped news in 2018

BOSTON (AP) – 2018 was a year of firsts in Massachusetts. The first stores east of Colorado selling recreational marijuana opened to great buzz and fanfare. So did the state’s first Las Vegas-style resort casino. For the first time, [...]

Which 2020 Candidates Won 2018?

*/ ]]> With the end of 2018 comes the end of the part of the presidential race when people run for president while pretending they aren’t running. While nearly every Democrat insisted they were solely focused on the midterm elections, [...]