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Stacey Dash’s MSNBC Interview Woulda Gone Better If Host Hadn’t Asked Her Questions

Stacey Dash, she is this idiot whose antics some people find funny. She was in the hit film Clueless, playing Cher’s best friend Dionne, and now she is running for Congress as a GOP idiot in California’s 44th district, which includes such Los Angeles neighborhoods as Compton and Watts, so yeah, good luck with that, Ms. Dash. (We are sure she did things in between Clueless and her congressional run, but much like the missing years of Christ’s life, we are not aware what they are. Perhaps Wonkette has written about them, oh God, we just clicked to brush up, she is GODAWFUL.)

Point is, Dash went for her first TV interview Thursday after announcing her “run” for “Congress,” and um … well, it really went downhill when MSNBC’s Ari Melber decided to commit the sin of asking questions. Here, have a video:

Question and answer time, Stacey Dash!

Number one! What do you, potential California congresswoman Stacey Dash, think about the war brewing between Jeff Sessions and the state of California over immigration law enforcement?

DASH: Well, I think, you know, we have to respect law enforcement. And we have to respect laws.

Melber was like … “Go on?”

DASH: That’s it.

Melber noted that most of the undocumented immigrants in question haven’t committed crimes, and therefore many believe they shouldn’t be ICE’s targets. Back to you, Ms. Dash:

DASH: Do we know that they are the focus of law enforcement?

Melber all “MM HMM.”

LET’S TRY ANOTHER! Gun control, that is a big issue! Does Stacey Dash support Prop 63, the gun control measure that passed in California?

DASH: I support … The Bill of Rights! That’s what I support! [pause] You know, but I also do not like the tragedies that are occurring in our country.

Stacey Dash: Pro Bill of Rights, Anti Tragedy! She continued by saying blah blah about “moral integrity,” because she believes that “runs from family.” You know?

DASH: You know? Family is the key. And parents. Parenting.


DASH: And being aware of mental illnesses, and taking care of those issues.

But not gun laws. Gotcha.

Let’s try Obamacare? Yay or boo, Ms. Dash?

MELBER: Should Obamacare be fully repealed?

DASH: Yes.

What about people who lose their health insurance?

DASH: Well they’ll get, I mean there’s, of course there’ll be another solution. But Obamacare is not working. We know that.

What solution?

DASH: Well that’s where I’m gonna go and listen and pay attention and have a dialogue, to come up with a solution.

Can you tell us what that solution would be?


Whew boy!

OK, ready for a fun one? Ready for a REALLY EASY QUESTION for a black candidate who would like to be elected to represent COMPTON?

What do you think about that time Donald Trump said there were good people “on both sides” in Charlottesville, including on the white supremacist side?

DASH: I think he’s absolutely right!

[Ari Melber’s entire jaw detaches from the body so it can hit the floor as fast as possible.]

DASH: There were two extreme sides. And here’s what it boils down to: our right. They had a right to assemble. Both sides had a right. But they were both extremes. And here’s where I said at the beginning: We have to listen to each other. If we do not listen, there will be no solutions.

Melber was like WAIT HOLD UP, who was the “hate” on the opposing side from the white supremacists?

DASH: Well no I’m not saying that there was not, there was hate on the other side, or that I’m justifying the hate on the other side, what I’m saying, what their Constitutional right was, they were exercising that, there should be no hate at all. Hate is not the answer. For anything.

Whaaaaaaaaaaa …

Dash went on and on about the hate and the violence and who did the violence and how Donald Trump was right, and every word of it is impossible to transcribe, so just watch it for yourself. She ended with this grand proclamation:

DASH: I’m not here to judge. The only one who can judge is God. Do I know everyone in the neo-Nazi party, if they have a good heart or not? No I don’t. Do I know every member of a gang, if they have a good heart? Do I know the heart of a man in prison? No I don’t. I’m not here to judge.

She is not here to judge!

Except one thing. Melber asked Dash, at the end of the day, if she is a Clueless person, or if she is a Legally Blonde person, and she issued her judgment:

DASH: Of course I am a clueless person!

Well played, Melber. Well fucking played.

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