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Sign the petition, thank President Obama one last time

As President Obama leaves the presidency after 8 momentous years, it’s time we all gave him and his wonderful wife Michelle a heartfelt thanks.

Sign the petition: Thank President Obama for a job well done.

Among the things President Obama accomplished (courtesy of the Washington Monthly):

1. He saved the economy from imminent collapse.

2. Passed health care reform, giving 20 million people insurance.

3. Passed Wall Street Reform.

4. Negotiated the Iran nuclear deal.

5. Got the Paris climate deal signed.

6. Killed Osama bin laden.

7. Ended combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

8. Bailed out the auto industry.

9. Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and put the full force of the US government behind marriage equality.

There’s much more: putting two more progressive on the Supreme court, protecting DREAMERS from deportation, normalizing relations with Cuba, establishing carbon emission limits on power plants, boosted fuel efficiency standards, and on.

When President Obama took office, America was on the brink of economic ruin and we were roundly disliked around the world. Today our economy and our image are sound, our air is more clean and our people are more free.

Sign the petition: Thank President Obama for a job well done.

For that, and so much more, let’s thank President Obama one last time for all that he’s done, and will hopefully continue to do.

In these trying times, it’s nice to know what a real president looks like. Thank you, President Obama, from us all.

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