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Senate panel to review Comey memos

The Senate Intelligence Committee will have the opportunity to see the memos penned by fired FBI Director James Comey detailing his conversations with President Donald Trump, Sen. Richard Burr R-N.C. told Politico on Wednesday after reaching an agreement.

Burr heads the Senate panel, but several committees in both the House and the Senate “have demanded” to have access to the memos for over a month, Politico reported. When Comey appeared in front of Congress he testified that Trump expressed in a conversation that he hoped Comey would end the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. This prompted accusations of obstruction of justice and special counsel Robert Mueller has no reportedly expanded the scope of the ongoing Russia investigation to include that crime.

When he was asked whether he would have access to Comey’s documents, Burr told Politico, “I’ve got a commitment.” After being asked who he received that commitment from, Burr responded, “I’m not going to tell you.”

Politico noted that due to the secret nature of the panel’s work, it’s unlikely these memos would be made public. Both Burr and the panel’s vice chairman Sen. Mark Warner D-Va., met with Mueller earlier this month, according to Politico.

Recently Jay Sekulow, an attorney of Trump insisted on several news show appearances that the president was not under any sort of investigation, even though Trump had admitted so via Twitter. The president has since referred to the investigation as a political “witch hunt” and has questioned why former President Barack Obama did not do enough about alleged Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 election.

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Charlie May.

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