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Scott Taylor criticizes Trump’s comments on intel community

Republican Rep. Scott Taylor said Thursday that President Trump could’ve picked a better venue to criticize the U.S. intelligence community than on a foreign visit.

“I think on the world stage — there could’ve been a better place to say that. But I will say — and this is isn’t in defense of the intelligence community or the president — intel has been used as a political weapon and you have a president who is apprehensive about some of the findings,” Mr. Taylor said on CNN.

But he also said it’s time for Mr. Trump and the intelligence community to get on the same page about the Russian interference in the 2016 elections, and other political issues.

“I said this months ago that both the president and the higher ups in the intel community need to get on the same page for the protection of the American people,” Mr. Taylor said.

He also said that the unpredictability of Mr. Trump’s speeches and remarks could be a good thing for him when heading into a meeting with someone like Russia President Vladimir Putin.

“It’s hard to calculate someone like President Donald Trump so that may be a good thing in the meeting,” Mr. Taylor said.

On Wednesday, the Virginia Republican received a Democratic challenger for 2018. Chairman of the Democratic Party in Virginia Beach Dave Belote announced his intention to run.

Democrats are targeting Mr. Taylor’s district as a possible pick up in the coming election in their mission to make big gains in the House of Representatives.

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