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Russia Showcases Global Ambitions With Military Parades, One in Syria

Numerous ships then proceeded in front of the embankment, with new ones showcasing the continued modernization of the Russian fleet. In 2011, Russia began a large-scale overhaul, ordering dozens of new ships and submarines.

Russia Navy Day Parade in St. Petersburg Video by RT

In Syria, seven Russian ships and a submarine took part in their own military parade just off the Russian military installation there. Fighter jets and bombers from the Russian Hmeymim air base flew above.

In 2015, Moscow intervened in the civil war in Syria, citing the need to fight terrorists while they were still far away from its own borders. The emphasis of the Russian effort, however, has been to shore up Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, one of Moscow’s few allies in the Middle East.

Mr. Assad did not attend the parade.

Source: NYT > World

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