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Rick Perry to Al Franken: ‘I hope you’re as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch’

In an exchange that might as well have been lifted from a late-night comedy sketch, former Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Al Franken shared an uncomfortable laugh Thursday morning about the “fun” they recently had on the senator’s couch.

Mr. Perry, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Energy secretary, answered questions before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Thursday morning as his confirmation hearing got under way. Mr. Franken, Minnesota Democrat, opened his questioning by asking whether the former Texas governor enjoyed their recent meeting.

“Thank you so much for coming into my office. Did you enjoy meeting me?” Mr. Franken asked.

“I hope you’re as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch,” Mr. Perry responded.

As the audience reacted with nervous laughter, Mr. Perry tried to clean up his suggestive comment.

“May I rephrase that, sir?” Mr. Perry said.

“Please, please. Oh my Lord,” Mr. Franken responded.

The two men quickly realized the exchange was likely to become late-night comedy fodder.

“Well, I think we found our ‘Saturday Night Live’ sound bite,” Mr. Perry said.

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