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‘Real’ People Thanking Trump For Un-Outlawing Christmas, Again

Here is an ad for you. It is an ad from a place called America First Policies and it is full of real people who would like to thank Donald Trump for things like cutting taxes and fixing the economy and standing up for the national anthem, and then a small girl thanks him for letting her say Merry Christmas again. THANK GOD Trump let Christmas out of the Barack Obama gulag! It will apparently run through a million bucks worth of airtime on Christmas, but Fox News as usual gets THE SCOOP.

Now we know you probably don’t watch much Fox so here is that stupid fucking ad, which we assume was produced after a White House aide called everyone on K street frantically because Trump hadn’t had enough nice things said about him today and the bombing of Alaska or someplace else that annoyed him was imminent.

Now, that is silly enough but we wondered to ourselves, “we wonder exactly who these America First Policy people are?” so we went over to their website and whoo boy.

First we have this rather imperious popup, which is very large and a bit presumptious. But then we find out whose outfit this is, anyway, and:

That’s right! It is Corey Lewandowski! Now, perhaps you don’t want to watch a video of Corey Lewandowski but you should if for no other reason than towards the end there he does an unintentional Donald Trump impression, we think, which is smallishly amusing.

The website is boilerplate garbage and we won’t bore you with it but we did want to bring you this graphic design, which they presumably paid for:

So, now you know why you shouldn’t watch Fox News on Christmas, if you had any questions about that.

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