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Reagan-era organization stands up for 3 conservative candidates ‘ignored’ by establishment GOP

A lobbying group originally founded by Ronald Reagan has taken up the cause of three Republican candidates they say have been swept aside by the national party.

“Viable conservative candidates running for the House and Senate have been written off, ruled out, or flat-out ignored by the national party committees and the Washington establishment who finance these elections,” stated Citizens for the Republic, a conservative grass roots lobbying organization founded by Reagan himself in 1977.

Even as election day looms, the organization has vowed to help a trio of promising candidates which they say have been “thrown aside” in the election cycle, and promise to put “full support and influence” behind them.

“The leadership’s inaction in these critical battlegrounds is inexcusable and sad,” said Diana Banister, executive director of the group. “These are good men running in tough races Republicans need to win. If the GOP insists on giving up, then conservatives will step in and make it happen.”

The organization cited Darryl Glenn, now running against vulnerable incumbent senator Michael Bennett in the crucial swing state of Colorado. He is described as “a true leader who was left without any support from the National Republican Senatorial Committee,” and now “on the verge of victory” according to an earlier report in The Washington Times.

Also on the list: Rep. Scott Garrett, now in a challenging re-election race in New Jersey. The group says coverage on Politico indicates he has been “under constant criticism from the National Republican Congressional Committee” but is still soldiering forward.

Jason Lewis, a public broadcaster and conservative leader from Minnesota, is also cited. “Despite no support from national Republicans, Jason is in a race Republicans can win, according to a Roll Call report published Friday morning,” the organization said.

Source: www.washingtontimes.com stories: Politics

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