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Re: London attack. Not that you weren’t told so, is it

And to think that Polish plumbers, Romanian hookers and Bulgarian pickpockets were supposed to be the main threat against the peace and prosperity of Her Majesty's minions! Wasn't that the main idea behind the Brexit? To regain sovereign control of the British borders and protect Mother Britannia against threats to the Fatherland coming from outside – mainly other EU citizens (read: East Europeans, a.k.a. "New Europeans")?

Well, GUESS WHAT. You Brexiters have been tossing the wrong scarecrow at the gullible public all the while. It's not the plumbers, hookers and pickpockets sucking on Mother Britannia's welfare teet and stealing your jobs that no British person would ever think of taking anyway, that are the threat. It's "lone wolves" like this guy who killed so many people yesterday. Home-grown terrorists who looked just like ordinary people until a few months ago, but then got radicalized under influence from the Internet. People who are second and third generation British citizens already.

So yeah. Do get your Brexit. Shut your gates to the dreaded Polish plumber, Romanian hooker and Bulgarian pickpocket. And keep telling yourselves that this would make you safe. Idiots.

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