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Rare Lynx Wanders Onto The Slopes At Colorado Ski Resort

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Plenty of people love to spend the holidays at a ski resort ― and it looks like this lynx is no exception.

The cat was spotted last week by Airrick Hix at the Purgatory Resort in Durango Colorado, and the footage was shared on Facebook by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Lynx-spotting quickly became almost as popular as skiing and snowboarding at the resort. It was seen again on New Year’s Eve by snowboarder Christian Dufresne:

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And on New Year’s Day by‎ Jeremy Rows:

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“Lynx pose no threat to humans,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife said on Facebook. “But people should not approach any wildlife.”

The department also said it doesn’t want the animals to become habituated to humans.

The Canada lynx, which is considered threatened, is protected under the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said “timber harvest, recreation and their related activities” are the main threat to the habitat of the lynx as well as its main prey, the snowshoe hare.

Source: HuffPost

I’m posting this because it made me smile, and because it’s nice to have an excuse to use the “kitty!” tag. 😀

Source: ONTD_Political

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