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Proven fact: vaccines cause atheism!

NEBRASKA UNIVERSITY. US scientists have finally proven without any doubt that vaccines cause atheism. Thus, they have put an end to the debate between medical experts and concerned parents who constantly Think Of The Children.

The results of the research show that vaccination against diseases that have tormented humankind for millennia, has become the main reason that there is such a serious pandemic of atheism around the world.

"If it were only up to God's help alone, diphtheria, polio, tuberculosis an measles would have vanquished those predisposed to atheism. But vaccines are the key ingredient in the equation, allowing those heathens to survive and even transmit their godless pest genetically to the following generations", prof. Duncan MacLeod of the Department For Holistic Medicine at the Nebraska University has said.

The experts recommend that upon the slightest suspicion of atheism, children should be immediately sent to a Sunday school for further indoctrination, and the process should be continued at home by the parents. If the symptoms persist, an expert exorcist should be summoned, or if none is available, a representative of the Holy Inquisition.

A number of mindless people who can barely read, have been busy, fiercely sharing the news, spreading the word amongst like-minded folks, believing that by supporting an idiotic cause based on preceding idiotic notions, they'd somehow counter the dangerous advancement of the atheistic plague. Whether the effort will bear fruit, remains to be seen.

Evil doctor: "You see, Moshe, Yahweh may not re-immunize against tetanus and diphtheria, but this needle does".

Source: Talk politics.

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