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Politics Within Politics Concerning the Assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov

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Manipulating people for evil purposes is despicable. Murdering innocent people is more despicable. Quite possibly, ISIS used Karlov as a pawn to conquer Syria.
Earlier this month, a Turkish police officer shot and killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov. Mevlut Mert Altintas also wounded at least three other people. According to reports, Altintas shouted a phrase commonly used by members of ISIS.
Turkey and Russia are allies in the war against Syrian rebels. The assassination of a Russian by someone from an ally may seem odd at first. After all, Altintas could have shot a Turkish diplomat, instead, as ISIS and Turkey are enemies in the Syrian civil war. Moreover, ISIS is composed of Sunni Muslims. Syria and Turkey are predominately Sunni Muslim. However, if Altintas belonged to ISIS, then the possible reasons behind this killing are clearer.
One explanation is ISIS possess a bloodthirsty drive for world domination. ISIS has tortured and killed many innocent civilians, particularly Christians, to capture territory in the Middle East.
Another explanation is the adage “divide and conquer.” By killing Karlov, ISIS may have hoped to sever the alliance between Russia and Turkey. Putin has not yet indicated whom he believes is responsible for the assassination. He could end relations with Turkey for allowing the murder of a Russian on Turkish soil, especially by a Turk. Or, he could enhance the assault on ISIS. If Russia wages a battle against Turkey, then Russia could be weakened by diverting resources to fighting Turkey. Whether fighting two wars would weaken Russian enough for the rebels to win is questionable, but circumstances may be dire enough for rebel forces to try anything. Reducing the Turkish front would further help rebel forces.
Another explanation is the murder was a simple counterattack on Russia, as someone else in this community already mentioned. Putin does not come across as someone easily intimidated, especially after he annexed Crimea and has been fighting ISIS since the latter threatened to attack Russia.

Source: Talk politics.

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