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Pence addresses RNC from Fort McHenry: Live analysis

Good evening from Tallahassee. What I’m watching for tonight is how one of the overarching themes of the Trump campaign and the convention —an anti-protest/pro-cop call for law and order — squares with the news of the day out of swing-state Wisconsin, where the caught-on-camera police shooting of Jacob Blake sparked riots followed by an openly armed 17-y/o Trump supporter who was also caught on camera shooting and killing two protesters last night in an apparent melee.

The story and videos have all the makings of a defining moment in a campaign season of defining moments. Suddenly, “law and order” doesn’t look so lawful and orderly. And NBA players are on strike, raising the stakes higher as the political discussion bleeds into sports media. In the past, Trump has been able to harness the news cycle and relished fights with pro athletes as they protested police brutality. But now Trump has a carefully scripted convention whose message is on a collision course with the news, which is still developing and is as volatile as ever.

Maybe, as we said with Biden’s convention, it’s a godsend for Trump that this isn’t a live convention.

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