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Paul Ryan: ‘We want to reset the balance of power’

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan says he’s looking toward the future with President-elect Donald Trump and that they have discussed the idea of restoring more power to the legislative branch after President Obama’s two terms in office.

“We’ve talked about the Constitution, Article I [of] the Constitution, the separation of powers. He feels very strongly, actually, that … under President Obama’s watch, he stripped a lot of power away from the Constitution, away from the legislative branch of government,” Mr. Ryan said in an interview to air on “60 Minutes” this Sunday.

“And we want to reset the balance of power, so that people and the Constitution are rightfully restored,” he said.

Mr. Ryan, who supported Mr. Trump but kept his distance from him during the 2016 campaign, said the two men have patched things up.

“We’re fine. We’re not looking back. We’re looking forward,” he said. “Like I said, we speak about every day.”

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