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Paul Ryan calls Obamacare vote ‘rendezvous with destiny’ for conservatives

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Tuesday that Republicans have finally struck the sweet spot of getting a conservative Obamacare repeal bill that can actually get through the Senate, and predicted passage.

Just minutes after President Trump made a personal appeal to House Republicans, Mr. Ryan said he “knocked the ball out of the park” in his plea to wavering lawmakers.

“This is our chance and this is our moment,” Mr. Ryan said, calling the chance at repeal “a rendezvous with destiny” for Republicans.

Some moderates have been reluctant to back the GOP repeal-and-replace legislation, fearing it won’t work, while conservatives say the bill is ideologically damaged because it replaces the Obamacare entitlement with a new tax-credit entitlement.

Mr. Ryan, though, said they’re getting 85 percent of what they want in the bill, which he said should be considered a win in the legislative process.

He also said that the bill, with its halt in taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood, was a bigger win.

“This is the most pro-life legislation we’ve had since partial-birth abortion,” Mr. Ryan said.

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