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Paris Dennard is burning

Sycophantic Trump supporter, Paris Dennard, was fired from Arizona State University four years ago after multiple female coworkers accused him of some pretty egregious sexual harassment, some of which Dennard has admitted to.

CNN has now suspended Dennard as a paid contributor, pending their own investigation, while there’s no word from The Hill and NPR, where Dennard is also a contributor. In today’s episode, we talk about Paris’ delicious downfall, and then do a recap of the fall-out from Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen now being convicted felons. Today’s episode might be a wee bit edgy for the kids, just sayin’.

Below is a 16-minute excerpt of our 1 hour 19 minute episode. You can listen to the entire episode, and support our work, on Patreon.

John Aravosis
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