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Out of touch, eh?

It's curious how Meryl Streep's speech (a giant in the profession of acting), which mostly dealt with not-so-overtly political issues, as much as it was calling for empathy and civic vigilance in the upcoming Trump era, was massively denounced (because, you see, an actress has dared to speak of something beyond the latest Gucci outfit, the pearl necklaces of the celebrities, Kim's fake ass, or on some rare occasions, the creative process in cinema in the best case)… And Leo DiCaprio (admittedly an underrated actor, but hardly of Mrs Streep's caliber even in the best case estimations) receives emphatic pats on the back and massive admiration merely for making 40 years of age and having assumed the role of some sort of Al Gore v.2.0? Am I the only one to sense double standard here?

The way I'm reading this, because Leo has a penis this gives him much greater leeway; hell, Robert DeNiro had a boorish statement about Trump, and he wasn't scolded even remotely as harshly as Madonna was. In 2003, Sean Penn gave a rambling speech about the fake WMDs at the Oscars, but again no one decided an actor has no right to use that tribune to flount their political biases. But when an actual actress even hints at a political commentary – Vanessa Redgrave for instance – everyone instantly dogpiles her, hastening to point a finger and put her in her place.

Because, you see, Leo DiCaprio who's been waving his beer belly flanked by an entourage of 18 y.o. wannabe starlets, cannot be declared out-of-touch, but Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon and Vanessa Redgrave suddenly live in their "Hollywood bubble" and don't know shit about the problems of the regular Joe from Iowa? Please.

On a side note:
2012 Trump: Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses!
2017 Trump: Meryl Streep is one of the most overrated actresses!

Sounds just like,
2012 Trump: The Electoral College is a disaster for democracy!
2017 Trump: I won so big OMG LOL!

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