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Otter released in forest preserve after chip implanted

BARRINGTON, Ill. (WLS) — An otter was released into the wild in Barrington on Monday after it was implanted with a chip that allows for its activities and behavior to be tracked. While otters have not been seen in the Chicago area for more than 100 years, this otter is significant because he is the third otter found in Illinois in the last year. “It’s an indication that the habitat has improved and that our environment is going in the right direction,” said Chris Anchor, a wildlife biologist with the Cook County Forest Preserve. The otter – a North American river otter — was released at Crabtree Nature Center in northwest suburban Barrington where it was recently captured. Veterinarians at the Brookfield Zoo implanted the monitoring chip. Source has video and slide show. Sorry about all the edits. I was trying to do this on my tablet, and it wasn’t working, so I’m on the computer now. *Crossing my fingers!*

Source: ONTD_Political

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