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On the manipulation of science… But we already knew that.

A large number of scientists have signed a petition in the French daily Le Monde. They argue that industry proponents are trying to sow the same doubts about endocrine disruptors as they did regarding the causes behind climate change. And it may well be working.

Here's the petition:

I think this comes very timely, what with the leading anti-intellectuals and anti-science folks taking positions of significance in the most powerful administration in the world. They'll be largely defining America's policies on education, science, and yes, health-care as well, for the next few years. This is inevitably going to set the tone for other countries as well, which spells trouble, if not disaster.

The biggest concern is of course climate change. Just when the world started acknowledging the problem and was at the brink of reaching a consensus in terms of policy to tackle it (even bringing previous detractors and opponents like China on board), now the leading factor that is the US is about to take a huge step back and put a halt to the process. It's of course all about the money, as usual: big industry has no interest in increased regulation that would hurt their bottom-line, which is the case with endocrine disruptors as well. Hence the frantic attempts to manipulate the relevant science, and sow doubts among the gullible, semi-intelligent majority of the public.

This is a sad and dangerous tendency. And the fact that information is readily and instantly available in copious amounts to a maximum amount of people within a couple of clicks, has not only NOT helped, it may've actually allowed disinformation to spread like a virus, and poison the discourse. From more innocent brands of delusion like the Moon-hoax conspiracy theorists to the resurgence of the anti-vaxxers, we're seeing anti-science sentiment rising alongside the rise of political populism across the world.

"Interesting" times are lurking behind the corner, indeed. And whatever shit befalls us from here on, it's definitely going to be brought upon us by ourselves and no one else.

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