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Of multi-kulti, and beauty

Some of you may've heard about the row that this year's Miss Helsinki caused in Finland. A Nigerian-born girl, Sephora Ikalaba has won the pageant, and things soon got ugly. The organizers have received a shit-storm of hate mail, and a flood of racist comments has deluged the Finnish blogosphere and of course the likes of Stormfront.

Many are arguing that this choice was yet another example of the meek Europeans feeling "white guilt" and trying to atone for it with a stupid gesture like that. Most commenters have agreed the girl isn't even remotely beautiful. Here she is, by the way:

"She is objectively ugly. I mean seriously, she does not even look pretty amongst her kind." That's just one among many responses in the same vein.

Others have stated that although most Finns are appalled by the decision, mostly for aesthetic reasons, they're also disgusted with the tendency of the Finnish "elites" to follow suit with their Swedish counterparts who've long been setting the tone of multiculturalism in North Europe, at times bringing it to absurd extremes. Like that occasion when a Swedish court released several gang-rape suspects who were also Middle Eastern migrants and had raped a woman in a wheelchair. Quote: "The five men suspected of a gang rape against a wheelchair-bound woman have been released. The prosecutor's decision is based on a legal technicality which basically is about that the wheelchair-bound woman has not shown enough resistance, something that has been difficult, if not impossible, as she has to use a wheelchair."

What say you? Are you more into the "meh, this is just a pageant anyway" sort of argument, or would you rather join the chorus of multi-kulti detractors who recognize here political correctness rearing its ugly mug yet again?

Source: Talk politics.

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