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Obamacare is DYING a slow, painful Death, as our elderly, sick, and dying are suffering thanks to it

Obama was hardly a messiah. If anything, the last Messiah, President Jefferson Davis, was removed from Power. Abraham Lincoln was a vicious anti-Semite, Racist, white Supremacist, and mass-murdering Tyrant who let millions of his own get maimed and hundreds of thousands of his own get slaughtered just to preserve an all-white West and Midwest, and Northeast, and also to perpetuate the MYTH OF A PERPETUAL UNION! THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON FOR HIS UNHOLY, SATANIC WAR ON A PEACEFUL AGRARIAN PEOPLE OF GOD! FUCK LINCOLN!

I am a queer Confederate, and when I marry my Husband, it will be in Scotland under the Confederate Flag. Fuck you, Gay-hating Assholes!

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