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NSA chief Rogers & DNI Coats stonewall Senate Intel hearing on Trump

National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats are testifying before the US Senate Intelligence Committee today about Donald Trump’s efforts to influence the FBI’s Russia probe.

In their testimony, Rogers and Coats are doing an awfully good job of not answering the Senators’ questions — even the GOP members who are trying to get Trump off the hook.

Senators are trying to find out what Donald Trump asked Rogers and Coats about the Russia probe. Specifically, Trump reportedly asked both men to publicly deny that there was evidence showing the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians, and Coats was further asked to ask the FBI to drop its probe of Michael Flynn.

When asked about this today, Rogers responded that he never felt “pressured” by Trump, and that he doesn’t believe he was ever asked to do anything “illegal.” Which wasn’t the question. The question is “what did Trump ask you to do,” not “did you feel pressured or did you feel it was illegal.”

When Rogers was pressed on what Trump actually asked him to do, Rogers responded that he’d already answered the question, which he hadn’t.

Coats gave the same non-answer, nearly verbatim, which makes one wonder whether they were coached and/or colluded on their testimony.

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