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Not That The Trump Boys Would Threaten A Foreign Government, BUT …

Don Jr and Eric on Saturday Night Live
They almost look human!

Oh, those wacky Trump boys, always funnin’! Whether it’s murdering majestic animals for “sport” or retweeting Nazis, they love what they do. And what they do in Panama is run to that sovereign nation’s president and complain that the courts are being SO MEAN to them, so he better do something about it or there will be “repercussions.” But they do it with zest and style!

That’s the Panamanian police raiding the Trump International Hotel in the capital in February. Since Donald Trump is busy ruining the planet, he’s been letting Don Jr. and Eric run the business. And business in Panama was not good. Was it because the Trump boys suck at hotel management, or because Poppy’s name is mud in Latin America. Hmmmm … let’s go with AOT,K!

Last year, an investor named Orestes Fintiklis bought up enough of the units to get a controlling stake in the property, and he wanted to oust the Trump Organization. Only the company, which built the hotel under a, uhh, questionable arrangement, had installed itself as manager until 2031, earning Donald Trump about $ 650,000 in management fees per year.

Here’s the Trump goons mixing it up with the Fintiklis goons.

And here’s Fintiklis playing the piano in the lobby for reporters, which he does every time he wins a battle with the evil Trumps.

Damn we love this guy, and not just for his awesome name. After winning the first round in Panamanian courts, he told reporters he was so impressed that he intended to become a Panamanian citizen.

The case is still working its way through the judicial system, but it’s not looking good for the Trump Organization. On March 5, the Trump name was pulled off the building and Fintiklis rechristened it the Bahia Grand Hotel.

This made Don and Eric very sad. Daddy barely likes them anyway, and was going to be sooooo mad about losing the Panama business. So they came up with A PLAN! Their lawyers sent this nice letter to Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela reminding him of his duty to protect foreign investors in his country. It would be a damn shame if something should happen to that Bilateral Investment Treaty, not that they’re threatening, God forbid. But they do “URGENTLY request your influence in relation to a commercial dispute involving Trump Hotel.” Which is, by the way, “a company in the United States of America with 100 percent American capital, belonging to the well-known Trump Organization.” HINT, HINT.

Letter from Trump lawyers to Panamanian President, in Spanish

From AP’s translation:

Aware of the separation of powers of the State, we would like to raise a situation that even though is currently being addressed by Panama’s judiciary, has repercussions in the Panamanian State, which You preside over.

We are referring to Law 12 of October 27, 1983, by way of which “the Agreement between the Republic of Panama and the United States of America about the Bilateral Investment Treaty is adopted”, in particular its Article II[.]

Seems Poppy’s not the only one who suffers from confusion about the separation of powers!

The Trump Organization’s Panamanian lawyers are swearing on a stack of bibles that they always send these letters asking the president to intervene in judicial decisions. In fact, it’s so routine, they didn’t even run it by their client. And the Trump Organization is going with it. Per WaPo,

“We categorically reject any assumption or assertion that the letter sought to ‘pressure’ the President of the Republic of Panama,” or other officials, the firm said. It continued: “The authorization of Trump Organization for its delivery was not requested, and nobody at Trump Organization was aware [of] the letter until today.”

Ummm, okay. Let’s all pretend that’s true for just a second. Anything’s possible, right?

IT’S STILL A GIANT FUCKING EMOLUMENTS PROBLEM! Because the President of the United States will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a year unless the President of Panama interferes with the country’s independent judiciary. And it wouldn’t even be the first time the Panamanian government jumped in to bail Trump out!

Which is why you do not elect a businessman as leader of the free world! Even if he tells it like it is, and promises to Make America Great Again, and bring back all the coal jobs and keep out the Muslims, and build a giant, pointless wall the keep the Messicans out.


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