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New York Times Lady Simply Aghast VP-Elect Mike Pence Got Booed At ‘Hamilton’


Hamilton is a play. I have not seen it. This post will have no in jokes or clever references to score or author or Alexander Hamilton, who was a man who lived in the 1700s and has a play about him and might have invented … money? I live in Montana.

But tonight, Vice President-elect Mike Pence graced the theater, the cast gathered onstage to respectfully point out NUH UH MOTHERFUCKER, but real eloquent and nicer-like, the audience booed and the Internet fainted with its feet straight out like a Bugs Bunny cartoon at the simply horrid incivility of it all.

New York Times amateur etiquette expert Maggie Haberman had a thought.


After the way President Obama has been treated the past eight years, and after the way people are being violated now, today, a lusty boo is apparently beyond the pale.

Miss Manners — the actual one, not the poor imitation above — says it is perfectly acceptable to boo performers on a stage; surely one can, without throwing a tomato, calling him a cracker, or beating his ass like he was a common Muslim cabbie minding his own business in a post 11/9 America, express equal displeasure with a man whose lifelong ambitions to denude gay people of not just equal protection under the law but funding for AIDS that didn’t line the pocket of a conversion therapist instead, and who is about to run both foreign and domestic policy under a president-elect already staffing his cabinet with overt white nationalists, is just as acceptable.

Maggie Haberman does not belong in polite society. And whoever that Dave Itzkoff schmuck is he’s a idiot too.

Source: Politics – Wonkette

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