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Muslims vs. LGBT: The ‘Coalition of the Minorities’ Collapses.

In the current drive to normalize transgenderism and same-sex parenting to the youngest of children, those who dissent are aggressively smeared by the politically correct establishment as bigots, homophobes, and transphobes. This is resulting in unintended consequences for the liberal metropolitan elite. The ‘coalition of the minorities,’ beloved of ‘progressive’ politicians and media pundits, is collapsing.

The inculcation of class-consciousness and dissatisfaction in a variety of disparate identity groups by metropolitan liberals is a tactic adapted from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

The liberal-left political establishment has used identity politics to divide and conquer.

For decades the liberal-left political establishment has used identity politics to divide and conquer, creating a client state.

While pointing the finger of divisiveness at conservatives and populists, it is they who are truly divisive. They are the self-declared champions of dependent identity groups such as Muslims, feminists, gays, immigrants, transsexuals, and ethnic minorities. These groups are encouraged to view themselves as victims of society and are kept in a mindset of dependency.

This way we can be better controlled and will supposedly continue to vote for the same establishment parties in elections.

Britain’s Labour Party long ago abandoned the laboring man. But it has recently given up any pretense of support, favoring the demands of radical feminists. Now the feminists have been abandoned in a new battle for power in the victim hierarchy between ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ (TERFs) and transgender activists.

The latest battle is Muslims vs. LGBTQ militants, and who should have power over children’s education.

LGBT March, via arembowski, Pixabay

The epicenter of this is Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham.

There, Muslim parents are in conflict with militant LGBTQ activists who have obtained positions of power in the educational hierarchy. This is a secular school not far from the centre of Birmingham, England with over 98 per cent Muslim students.

For months, parents and concerned members of the community have been protesting lesson materials which promote same-sex parenting and homosexual relationships to children as young as five. This includes teaching books such as ‘King and King’ and ‘Mummy, Mama, and Me’.

They were unsure whether to come out as Islamophilic homophobes or homophilic Islamophobes.

When the protests began, the politically correct establishment was paralyzed. They were unsure whether to come out as Islamophilic homophobes or homophilic Islamophobes. In the end, they threw Muslim parents under the bus. The establishment condemned them as bigots for attempting to safeguard their children from activists demanding to propagandize their children with LGBTQ propaganda.

Birmingham City Council obtained an injunction temporarily preventing parents from protesting outside the school gates under threat of arrest. Parents have vowed to fight the injunction and carry on their protests aimed at safeguarding their children. This has rattled the pseudo-Conservative government. Education Secretary Damien Hinds demands the protests “have to stop”. 

There is little sign the Education Secretary is listening to parents or respecting their rights as primary educators of their children. This happens to be enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Department for Education says the government expects schools to teach about LGBTQ relationships against the wishes of millions of parents. Despite parents knowing far better than these small but vociferous collection of mostly childless militants.

It has always been a principle in the UK that parents are the primary educators of their children.

Similarly, local Labour Member of Parliament Jess Philips weighed in.

Most well-known for laughing at discussing men’s issues like male suicide, Philips also trivialized the mass sexual assaults of over a thousand women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 as being “like a night out in Birmingham”. 

In a confrontation outside the school she berated concerned parents and relatives for “damaging the reputation of the Muslim community”.

It has always been a principle in the UK that parents are the primary educators of their children. This right is now being revoked.

While parents still have the right to remove their children from lessons, that right is to disappear in September 2020.

The UK government is introducing a new subject called ‘Relationships Education’. This will be LGBTQ-inclusive and compulsory to all school children from five-years-old and upwards. Some of the teaching unions and several MPs have gone even further, calling for LGBTQ lessons to be forced upon nursery schools for 3 and 4-year-olds.

Via Wokandapix, Pixabay

The program used at the school is the so-called ‘No Outsiders’. Other programs also already in wide use in schools are ‘Educate and Celebrate.’

Until recently this program described its aim as ‘smashing heteronormativity’.

This is not simply about teaching equality as is being presented. It is a deliberate and diabolical piece of social engineering aimed at undermining traditional family values – widely held by people of all major faiths and social conservatives alike – by targeting the youngest of children before the full development of their rational mind.

As well as promoting same-sex relationships and parenting, the concept of transgenderism is also being promoted in schools.

Books like ‘My Princess Boy’ and worksheets like ‘The Genderbread Person’ confuse children about gender. These are already widely used in ‘Relationships’ lessons in primary schools.

Parents and grandparents across the country can already see the confusion which has been sown in children’s minds. Over the last 10 years, there has been an 4,000 per cent increase in children being referred for gender dysphoria. 

You can be a girl on Monday, a boy on Tuesday, a mermaid on Wednesday, butch on Thursday, and end the week as an androgynous alien.

This is a result of presenting unscientific nonsense about gender as though it were true. It is a simple fact there are two sexes: male and female, determined by anatomy and chromosomes. But children are to be taught that there are dozens of genders, which you can decide upon when you get out of bed in the morning.

You can be a girl on Monday, a boy on Tuesday, a mermaid on Wednesday, butch on Thursday, and end the week as an androgynous alien. This is highly confusing to children who need stability and boundaries. They have the right to learn scientific facts and the values of their parents.

Even worse is that many of these children are pumped with puberty blocking hormones to prevent their natural development. Then being given cross-sex hormones at a later age which render them sterile. Despite the fact that the majority of boys and girls with gender dysphoria naturally desist, the numbers keep increasing as gender confusion lessons begin in ever more schools.

The ‘Genderbread’ person being taught to children.

It is not only Muslims who are protesting these moves.

In June 2018, a majority of Christian parents protested at Heavers Farm Primary School in London over an LGBT Pride march.

All children from 4-years-old and up were expected to participate in for so-called School Diversity Week. The school was forced to cancel the event, but not before smearing parents as homophobic.

The mainstream media narrative is to isolate the Muslim parents and brand them as an extremist and intolerant religious minority.

Orthodox Jews have suffered greatly at the hand of Ofsted, the UK’s schools’ inspector. Many Orthodox Jewish schools have been failed for not teaching transgenderism. Some Charedi Jews are so concerned about the enforced teaching of LGBTQ lessons they have talked about leaving the country altogether.

In Birmingham, Muslim parents have now been joined by Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus. The progressive establishment is trying to prevent the protests from spreading, behaving like King Cnut.

The protests have been growing in number, although the mainstream media narrative is to isolate Muslim parents and brand them as an extremist and intolerant religious minority.

Protests will spread all over the country in coming months. And they will be accompanied by increasing intolerance of faith communities and conservatives. The bankrupt, rudderless, and dying fake-Conservative government is becoming ever more desperate in attempting to keep together the collapsing coalition of the minorities.

In its place, a new conservative coalition is forming. This is a coalition based not on the artificially constructed and spurious ‘values’ of diversity and equality. But a real coalition based on conservative principles of faith, flag, and family. It is comprised of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, parents, grandparents, social conservatives, populists, and others who understand both liberty and the damage of forcing children to be exposed to confusing, unscientific nonsense and often explicit and sexualized lesson materials at an age which is too much, too young.

A new conservative coalition is forming, based on principles of faith, flag, and family.

This terrifies the liberal-left political elite.

Their long agenda to deconstruct Western civilization through managed decline involves deconstructing the traditional family, the bedrock of society. The movement to smash heteronormativity and normalize ‘pansexual polymorphous perversity’ advocated by Marcuse and the New Left is falling apart. The people now understand their control methods of deft propaganda and coercive threats of ostracism and blatant smear tactics.

The good forces of conservatism, liberty and democracy are coming together to fight the state’s power grab from parents. And we will win.

David Kurten is a Brexit Alliance London Assembly Member.

Source: Human Events

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