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More attacks…

And more responses.

The knife-wielding arseholes who drove a rented van into folk and then went on a stabbing spree died in a hail of bullets. What is also becoming apparent is that people are prepared to fight back. All sorts of people actually went after the terrorists in the hope of stopping them.

Does the panel think that this will make it more difficult for the terrorists?
Or will it just lead to vigilantes stringing up people on suspicion of being Muslim? Or beating them up for walking around with an offensive Hijab on?

Also how many more of these sort of outrages need to occur before all of Europe (the U.K. included) push further towards fascistic anti-Islamic policies? We’ve already had that manic Hopkins woman advocating a final solution in the Daily Heil (and resigning over it). How many more outrages will incline the majority of voting people to go properly Third Reich on ordinary Muslims arses? Because, after all, in a democracy, the majority will is paramount, and constitutions can bend and stretch and be reinterpreted according to requirements.

Source: Talk politics.

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