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Mick Mulvaney says 3 percent economic growth is a ‘good start’

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Thursday the Trump administration has spurred a 3 percent economic growth, but tax cuts are necessary to sustain it.

“Yes, we’re at 3 percent. Yes, we’re there because our deregulatory policies, and our energy policies. We loop it all together, lump it all together, and call it MAGA-nomics,” Mr. Mulvaney said in a video on his Twitter page. “We need to be able to sustain it and that’s why this tax reform, tax cut package, that House is currently debating is so critical to us.”

He said the past two quarters have both seen a 3 percent growth in the gross domestic product and pointed to news reports that said the growth would never happen.

“All these folks seem stunned that we’re there,” he said. “Of course, I happen to think that they were heavily invested in us not getting there.”

Mr. Mulvaney said that the tax cuts will create more broad growth across every sector and that 3 percent growth is “a good start,” but he’s hoping for an upward projection in the GDP.

“We have this ability to make you wealthier. We have the ability to make me wealthier. We have the ability to make everybody wealthier,” he said.

House Republicans unveiled their tax reform plan on Thursday to mixed reviews, but promised tax cuts across the economic classes.

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