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Michael McCaul: Donald Trump needs to admit Russia tried to interfere in the election

Rep. Michael McCaul said Friday that President Trump needs to admit that Russia was the sole actor in the election meddling last fall.

“I’ve had a lot of classified briefings. It’s clearly convincing evidence that Russia was meddling in our elections,” Mr. McCaul, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, said on CNN. “And I think he knows that. And I think the sooner he admits that and moves on, he’ll be in a better position.”

The Texas Republican said the president might be having a hard time admitting to the election interference out of concern it would undermine his electoral victory.

“I think he perhaps thinks it undermines the credibility of his election possibly. I think he also had a healthy skepticism of the intelligence community in the beginning when they presented the dossier to him. But I think since that, in time he’s grown into the office and has a deeper appreciation and understanding what the intel community can provide,” he said.

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