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Mark Warner: More states were hacked by the Russians than have come forward

Sen. Mark Warner said Tuesday that more states were hacked, or had hacking attempts, by the Russians than those who have come forward.

“So far, only two states, Illinois and Arizona, have in effect come forward and acknowledge that the Russians tried to hacked them. I think there were a number of more states who were attempted to be hacked into. I think we ought to understand that,” Mr. Warner said on MSNBC.

He also knocked President Trump for failing to acknowledge the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“Virtually everybody I know accepts that as factual, unprecedented. The one elected official in Washington that still seems not to accept that is Mr. Trump, and frankly I can’t understand why,” the Virginia Democrat said.

Mr. Warner also said he finds it odd that Mr. Trump has criticized many world leaders, but not Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It is a little peculiar President Trump, who is willing to say pretty much bad things about everyone, the only world leader that he has not said anything bad about is Vladimir Putin. That raises a whole set of questions with me,” he said.

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