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‘Like We Don’t Have Enough Problems’: Trash Piles Up in Athens

Before the announcement that the strike was over, the head of the garbage collectors’ union Poe-Ota, Nikos Trakas, said workers had already achieved a victory because “the people are on our side.”

Not all Athenians agreed. “It’s outrageous how they think they can hold us hostage like this,” said Andreas Markatos, 21, an economics student. “It’s the government’s fault too — they should have solved this problem years ago — but the unionists make me sick,’’ he said.

“They’ll have to clean it all up in a few days either way,” he added.

The strike prompted warnings about the threat to Greeks, both physical and financial. The country’s health watchdog warned about a public health risk posed by tons of garbage rotting in the sun, and the tourism minister, Elena Kountoura, had warned of “ugly consequences” if the situation was not resolved quickly.

Source: NYT > World

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