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Liberal Hollywood stars reach out to Republican electors to stop them from voting for Trump

A bevy of liberal Hollywood stars have put aside their differences with Republicans in an eleventh-hour plea to GOP electors to convince them not to cast their ballots for Donald Trump at the Monday vote of the Electoral College.

A self-described “public service announcement” released last week by Unite for America featured 17 celebrities assuring the Republican electors that “you will have my respect” by refusing to vote for Mr. Trump.

Leading the Hollywood stars is Martin Sheen, who played President Jed Bartlet in the NBC TV series “The West Wing.”

“You have the position, the authority and the opportunity to go down in the books as an American hero who changed the course of history,” said the stars in the YouTube video. “And you have my respect for your patriotism and service to the American people.”

In a separate video, Jason Alexander of NBC’s long-running hit “Seinfeld” said in a message to Republican electors that those who refuse to vote for Mr. Trump would be doing “the most patriotic service you could ever do.”

“We are not asking you to vote for any particular candidate. We are not asking you to vote for Secretary [Hillary] Clinton,” Mr. Alexander said. “We are asking you to consider the possibility of voting for any other eligible candidate whom you feel has the character, the intelligence and the experience to be the president of these United States.”

The message comes as part of a last-ditch campaign by left-wing groups attempting to stop 37 GOP electors from voting for the Republican president-elect, which would leave him with 269 electoral votes, one short of the number needed to win the presidency.

The House, which is controlled by Republicans, would then decide the result of the election from among the three candidates with the most electoral votes. Mr. Trump received 306 electoral votes to 232 for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election, with no other candidate earning any electoral votes.

Democratic political analyst Doug Schoen blasted the video on Fox News as an effort to “influence and otherwise undermine our electoral system.”

“I understand Hollywood B-list and C-list actors are always looking for work, but this is also undermining what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton said during the campaign, which is you have to accept the peaceful order of transition to a different administration,” Republican strategist Tony Sayegh said.

In addition to Mr. Sheen, the celebrities urging Republican electors to defy the popular vote in their states are Debra Messing, James Cromwell, B.D. Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie, Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Richard Schiff, Christine Lahti, Steven Pasquale, Emily Tyra and Talia Balsam.

“What is evident is that Donald Trump lacks more than the qualifications to be president. He lacks the necessary stability and clearly the respect for the Constitution of our great nation,” said the celebrities.

Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig, who said he has been advising electors through the group Electors Trust, said last week that he knows of at least 20 Republican electors who may refuse to vote for Mr. Trump.

Unite for America, which describes itself as a “post-partisan movement of concerned citizens and volunteers,” says it does not endorse any particular candidate for president, but rather wants to work to resolve the “2016 Presidential Crisis.”

The group is holding “candelight vigils” at statehouses in all 50 states in an effort to “free the electors,” according to the website.

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