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KKK Cops At it Again

St. Louis woman wants answers after photo shows cop posing with her son’s dead body

A St. Louis woman is upset after a photo has surfaced showing police officers posing next to her son’s dead body.

According to KMOV-TV, 28-year-old Omar Rahman died of an apparent drug overdose on August 8. But since Rahman’s death, Kim Stanton hasn’t heard much about the investigation surrounding the tragedy.

But while Stanton hasn’t had much contact with the North County Police Cooperative, photos have leaked from the crime scene — photos that have only broken her heart further.

The photos appear to show a police officer posing with a thumbs up next to Rahman’s lifeless body. The photo is dated August 8, the day of Rahman’s death.

“It’s hideous. The implications of this photograph are just astronomical,” Antonio Romanucci, Stanton’s attorney said. “I have seen thousands and thousands of forensic photographs, I have never seen a staged photograph of an officer next to a deceased body.”


Sources: nbc26
The tweet is referencing a different article then I used in the post: fusion. I used the tweet for the picture, mostly.

daily reminder that police departments used to be slave catchers and have tons of KKK members

the cops themselves are probably only looking to punish whoever released the picture

Source: ONTD_Political

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