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Kim Jong-un Arrives in Singapore Ahead of Summit Meeting With Trump

“He couldn’t answer their questions,” Mr. Shanmugam said at a media briefing on Sunday. “They checked his mobile phone and saw that he’s been checking through and visiting sites on suicide bombings, and they made an assessment” that he should be barred from entering Singapore.

Mr. Shanmugam said there had been “two or three” other individuals who had been barred from entering the country in recent days.

At the international media center, hosted at Singapore’s Formula One Racing Center, journalists gathered in a building overlooking a racetrack to wait for the arrival of Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump, whose Air Force One was expected to reach Singapore later Sunday evening.

In a dining hall set up for reporters, the Common Good Company, a consortium of Singaporean food businesses, gave away ice cream in flavors like Kimchi (in honor of Korea) and Durian, a Southeast Asian fruit.

Playing on the themes of the summit meeting, the company displayed signs saying, “Durians May Be Thorny but Relations Needn’t Be” and “Feeling More Trump-ish or Kim-ish today?”

James Kwan, co-director of Common Good, said the company had decided just five days ago to offer the summit-themed items. “We are doing what we can to facilitate peace through food,” he said.

Source: NYT > World

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