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Kevin McCarthy says Dems using ‘stall tactics’ to prevent Donald Trump’s success

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Democrats are using “every stall tactic possible” to prevent President Trump from being successful.

“It was the longest time to get a Cabinet since George Washington. No president has ever had to wait this long. They are using every stall tactic possible to try and make this president not successful,” Mr. McCarthy said on Fox News.

The California Republican acknowledged that the Russia case is a distraction, but said it hasn’t stopped the House from moving forward on bills like the Veterans Accountability Act.

“There is a distraction, but it’s not if you take the merits of what’s happened here in the House and the number of bills signed,” Mr. McCarthy said. “Today, we’re going to pass the VA accountability bill. How many people are going to watch that? [It will] actually change the VA.”

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