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Kellyanne Conway: The American people “have their own facts”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway bashed the many fact-checking websites that have attempted to keep track of the hot air spewing out of the Trump administration, saying that “Americans are their own fact-checkers” and they “have their own facts.”

Conway, who infamously coined the term “alternative facts,” might even impress George Orwell at this point with her ability to deny, deflect and spin the truth. During a recent radio interview with Mark Simone of New York’s 710 WOR Radio, the two took aim at fact-checking websites, claiming that the fact-checking industry, such as it is, had been seized by liberals.

“Hey, Kellyanne Conway, here’s something you guys got to work on,” Simone said, “liberals seize more and more control of the infrastructure, they control the newspapers, they control the networks.”

He added, “In the last few years, they’ve taken total control of the fact checking sites, and they’re very slanted. Something’s got to be done about this.”

“Yes, fact-checking the fact-checkers,” Conway agreed. “It’s not a bad idea only because people say ‘well the facts speak for themselves’ right but, you’re selecting what you think should be fact-checked.”

The interview comes after various news organizations fact-checked President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Incidentally, Trump has claims that the number of people who watched that speech, 45.6 million, was higher than record-setting 66.9 million who watched Bill Clinton’s first State of the Union in 1993.

“You’re right though, it’s not just academia it’s not just the mainstream media,” Conway said.

She added that there are “so many different organs and organizations that are slanted towards this president and towards his agenda.” However, Conway is confident in the American people because, according to her, they have their own sets of facts.

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