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Kellyanne Conway: It’s time for Congress to ‘do its job’ on health care

Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to President Trump, said Friday that it’s time for Congress to “do its job” and pass a health care bill.

“[Mr. Trump is] doing many things outside of Congress. We’d like Congress, the Senate, to go ahead and do its job and pass health care reform. He said to them, and looked at them very politely, and said I’ve been here six months you’ve been promising this for seven years,” Ms. Conway said on Fox News.

She said that much of what the president has accomplished so far has been done on his own, pointing to the stock market and economy, saying Congress is distracted by the Russia investigation.

Ms. Conway commented on some of the recent developments in the case including Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a person alleging close ties to the Russian government and damaging information about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I was the campaign manager for the winning campaign. I didn’t have to look any further than Hillary Clinton for damaging information about Hillary Clinton,” Ms. Conway said.

To those claiming the White House is stalling the Russia cases, Ms. Conway said it was further proof that there isn’t any evidence of collusion.

“The investigations have stalled because where is this going?” she said. “It’s relevant that people know what the motivations are.”

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