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Jill Stein goes on pro-Russia rant, calls election interference “conspiracy theory”

Green party leader Jill Stein, who received 1% of the vote in the 2016 election, published a tirade of tweets last night calling Russia’s interference in our election a “conspiracy theory.”

Stein is no stranger to saying things that would put a smile on Vladimir Putin’s face. In December 2015, Stein went to Moscow, had dinner with Vladimir Putin, then publicly criticized US human rights policy, while not saying a word about Russia’s horrific abuses. That earned Stein a stern rebuke from the Russian Green Party.

When I wrote about Stein’s apparent hypocrisy in failing to even mention Moscow’s treatment of journalists (Putin has them killed), LGBT people (Putin has used neo-Nazi groups to kidnap and torture them), and human rights activists, Russian state media rushed to Stein’s defense.

And now, Stein is publicly claiming that Russia’s interference in our election, an established fact, is a “conspiracy theory.”

There is zero evidence to suggest that Hillary created the Russia story. In fact, it was US intelligence, and the intelligence agencies of US allies, who first got wind of Russia playing games back in 2015. From Bill Moyers’ timeline of the Russia hack:

September 2015: An FBI special agent contacts the Democratic National Committee to report that at least one DNC computer system had been hacked by an espionage team linked to the Russian government. The agent is transferred to a tech-support contractor at the help desk, who did a cursory check of DNC server logs and didn’t reply to follow-up calls from the FBI agent.

Late 2015: Britain’s spy agency GCHQ became aware of suspicious “interactions” between members of Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence operatives. Over the next six months, a number of western agencies from Germany, Estonia and Poland share more information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians.

But that didn’t stop Stein from again claiming Russia was innocent:

No, Stein doesn’t hang out with Trumps. She hangs out with Putins.

Photo of Jill Stein at RT anniversary dinner with Putin and Trump adviser Gen. Mike Flynn in Moscow, December 2015.

That’s Putin on the left in the red tie, and that’s Stein on the right in the grey sweater. This is the same dinner (the same table even) that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn attended. NBC has an even better photo from the event, you can see it here.

I will never understand why some on the far left have such a soft-spot for Soviet and now Russian dictators.

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