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Jamie Dimon’s Cry for Freedom

The concept of freedom may seem easy to understand, as it basically just means the absence of coercion from others. In political terms, it means the absence of coercion from government.

In economic terms, freedom means the absence of government intrusion on the free exchange of money, ideas, goods and services conducted by individuals, companies, countries, etc.

I subscribe to a “libertarian,” free-market mindset that argues that the freer the economy, the more prosperous the economy is. I’m not alone here, of course, as many of my colleagues (particularly my friend Mark Skousen) subscribe to similar views.

On Thursday, I will be making the trek to Las Vegas for Mark’s annual FreedomFest conference, which has become the premier gathering of free-market-oriented thinkers in the world.

At FreedomFest, I’ll be surrounded by extremely smart, like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing the cause of freedom and to stunting the growth of big government.

One person who I don’t think will be at FreedomFest, but who perhaps should be, is JPMorgan Chase (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon.

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Source: Human Events

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