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Ivanka Trump uses “60 Minutes” interview to hawk her jewelry

New York Times investigative reporter Eric Lipton has tweeted a photo that appears to show Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka using her family’s recent interview on the TV show “60 Minutes” to hawk her jewelry line.

Yes America, we just elected the Beverly Hillbillies.

It’s just incredibly tacky. Then again, this is a family that grew up in a gold-leafed condo that looks like Liberace married a Saudi prince, then threw up.

Here’s the ad:

Ivanka hawks jewelry line 60 Minutes

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Imagine had Chelsea Clinton done something like this. Imagine the vitriol that would come down on her from the right. I’m also not sure how ethical this is. Remember when Trump claimed that giving donations to the Clinton Foundation was per se a conflict of interest with Hillary being Secretary of State? Then how is this any less a conflict of interest — Ivanka allegedly trying to use her father’s presidency to sell her jewelry?

Keep in mind that Trump just said today that he wants his children, including Ivanka, to have Top Secret security clearances. What part of using the White House to sell bracelets will require Ivanka to have a TS clearance?

It’s gonna be a long four years.

Here’s a look at the Trump’s moving down to DC from NYC:


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