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Italy’s New Populist and Anti-Establishment Government Is Sworn In

Mr. Di Maio also wants to force companies that leave Italy for other countries in the European Union to return their government incentives. It is a delicate proposal because it could run afoul of the bloc’s free trade rules.

Mr. Mattarella paved the way for the formation of the alliance between the two populist parties when he threatened to break a long stalemate by appointing a technocratic government. After weeks of working on a governing program, the alliance chose Mr. Conte to present the cabinet to Mr. Mattarella.

But the president, who has vast powers to protect Italy’s Constitution during transition periods, objected to the alliance’s choice of Paolo Savona, 81, for finance minister, citing Mr. Savona’s involvement in a guide to leave the euro.

The president’s opposition prompted call for mass mobilization by Mr. Di Maio that nearly led to early elections. But at the last minute, the alliance came back together and, appeasing Mr. Mattarella, shuffled Mr. Savona to the Ministry of European Affairs.

After he left the palace, Mr. Salvini said, “Savona is in the right place to renegotiate the E.U. rules, and we have a finance minister in perfect synchrony with Savona, thus there is no step back, but he’s been doubled.”

The new finance minister, Giovanni Tria, told reporters inside the palace that “no political party wants Italy out of the euro.”

Enzo Moavero Milanesi, a former European Union official will be the foreign minister, and Lorenzo Fontana, a staunch opponent to same-sex unions and adoptions and an admirer of Marine Le Pen in France and Viktor Orban in Hungary, will be the minister for families and the disabled.

Source: NYT > World

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