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Israeli Leader Claims Iran Has ‘Secret Atomic Warehouse’

“How about inspections, right here, right now,” he said as he pointed to a photo of the warehouse.

Israel officials were disappointed when Mr. Netanyahu’s disclosure in April of the atomic archive Israeli agents seized did not create the kind of headlines, or international outrage, they expected. That was in large part because the material was relatively old, most of it dating back 15 years or more.

In July, his government invited three reporters, including one from The New York Times, to examine key documents from the trove. They largely confirmed what was already known: that before 2003 Iranian scientists appeared to be working on nuclear weapons, in a program code-named Project Amad. That was halted, and some of the work, on a much smaller scale, was moved under cover to other locations.

The Israeli officials, during those meetings in Israel at which they released selected pages from the trove, never spoke of a second site.

Iran maintains that the archive is a fraud, invented by the Israelis. Mr. Netanyahu argues it is evidence of a nuclear-program-in-waiting.

On Thursday, he said, “The reason Iran didn’t destroy its atomic archive and its atomic warehouse is because it hasn’t abandoned its desire to create nuclear weapons.” Then he issued a threat, intended to play on Iranian fears that their program is ridden with spies.

“I have a message for the tyrants of Tehran,’’ he said. “Israel knows what you’re doing.”

“What Iran hides, Israel will find,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

Mr. Netanyahu pressed President Trump to exit the Iranian nuclear deal, which he did four months ago. The prime minister’s position differed from that of many of his intelligence chiefs. They argued that the Iranians appeared to be complying with the deal’s restrictions, at least for the time being, buying Israel some time before it has to confront the threat anew.

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