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Iraqi Forces Enter Western Mosul, in Fierce Battle Against ISIS

The Hurriya, or Freedom, Bridge is the second of five bridges to be retaken by government forces. American-led airstrikes disabled all five bridges last year in a bid to isolate the militants.

Mosul fell to the Islamic State in June 2014, along with large parts of the country’s north and west. It is the largest Iraqi population center still under control of the militant group.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported on Tuesday that about 46,000 people in Mosul had been displaced since Feb. 19 — including 13,350 on Friday alone — in the highest continuous displacement of civilians since October.

“All people displaced from western Mosul have been accommodated either with family members or in camps or emergency sites, where they receive a tented plot, basic household supplies, hygiene kits, and 30-day food rations,” the United Nations office said. Camp construction and the installation of water and sanitation services are underway south of Mosul, it added.

Since Feb. 19, the office said, more than 500 people have been treated for conflict-related wounds, including 15 people who were hospitalized in Erbil, a Kurdish-held city east of Mosul, for treatment after an apparent chemical-weapon attack.

Many in eastern Mosul lack drinking water, officials have warned, and many in the southern and western parts of the city are drinking untreated water, which could lead to the spread of diseases.

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