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International Women’s Day: Calls to Action, Words of Praise and Rallies

The United Nations sponsored a bicycle race and ceremony in Guinea-Bissau as part of a workshop on women in the workplace. Far fewer than half of all workers in that nation are women. Many work in the informal economy, with low pay and no social protection.

The United Nations also teamed up with the African Union to release a report on women’s rights. It showed the strides women had made, such as participation in various legislative bodies, but also highlighted the strides other countries have made. Several nations have passed measures against gender-based discrimination and gender-based violence, according to the report.

In six African countries, however, legal protection for women against domestic violence does not exist. In 2013, African women and girls accounted for 62 percent of all deaths around the globe from preventable illnesses tied to pregnancy and childbirth.

If current trends continue, the report said, almost half of the world’s child brides in 2050 will be African.

Elsewhere in the world:

■ Activists with V-Day, a movement to end violence against women and girls, organized a “One Billion Rising” campaign, with protests around the world.

■ #ADayWithoutaWoman quickly became a popular hashtag on social media, calling on American women to participate in a national strike by taking the day off from work; not shopping (except in small businesses or female- or minority-owned stores); or wearing red in solidarity.

■ Marches for reproductive rights took place in Dublin, Warsaw and other cities.

■ Thousands of Italian women marched in demonstrations throughout Italy, chanting slogans against discrimination and violence against women, a hot-button topic in a country where femicide is closely monitored by the national media.

■ In Hong Kong, protesters held a vigil against the policies of President Trump, whose tweet on International Women’s Day drew a backlash on social media.

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