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Intell leaders: Trump is hurting morale, could force people to leave

Intelligence leaders suggested today at a Senate hearing that Donald Trump’s dismissive attitude towards the American intelligence community is hurting morale and could lead to employees leaving the career entirely.

The news came at a much-awaited Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about Russian attacks on the US election, including hacking the Democratic National Committee and then working with Wikileaks to release the information in a manner that would cause maximum damage to Hillary Clinton, thus helping elect Donald Trump president.

When asked by Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) how Trump’s “dismissive attitude towards the intelligence community broadly impacted morale in your agencies.”

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, spoke first: “Well, I haven’t done a climate survey, but I hardly think it helps it.”

Next up was National Security Agency head Admiral Michael Rogers, who said that without the confidence of their leaders, his workers could just walk, in other words quit.

These are unprecedented comments from current military officers, let alone leaders in the intelligence community, about their incoming commander-in-chief. Not only are they suggesting that Trump is hurting the effectiveness of our intelligence, but no one questioned the underlying premise of the question: that Donald Trump is “dismissive” of America’s intelligence community.

These comments come on the backdrop of Donald Trump continuously criticizing and demeaning the intelligence community, including the treasonous suggestion that the CIA, among others, tried to undermine Trump’s election and now presidency. Trump is now reportedly planning to gut the CIA in revenge for the agency concluding that Russia was behind the hack. At the same time, Trump says he believes what Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin say about the hacking more than he believes our own intelligence community.

Trump has now been dismissive of the entire US intelligence community, American POWs, and Gold Star Families. At some point, Donald Trump will need to decide what country he wants to president over, because he doesn’t seem terribly impressed with the one he’s got.

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